Booster Shots

lutamine, Ornithine, Arginine, Lysine, Citrulline & Carnitine. The combination of these ingredients and the roles they play may aid the body in Protein metabolism, Anti-catabolism (prevents breakdown of muscle), Increased vitality, Fat metabolism and energy, Performance recovery time, Muscle building & more…

Mineral Blend

Magnesium CL, Zinc, Manganese, Copper & Selenium.
These ingredients may aid the body in Higher function of nervous system, behavior, memory, and learning, Immune defense + function Combating infections and wound healing, Cognitive function, Fertility in both men and women and more….

Vitamin C

Ascorbic Acid also known as Vitamin C, is a powerful Antioxidant that plays an important role in the body. This high concentration of Ascorbic is the ultimate immune system enhancer designed to help maintain a healthy immune response

Our bodies quintessential antioxidant defense is the glutathione system, which includes glutathione itself, along with the enzymes and other proteins that enable glutathione to do its work. It Protects cells from free radical damage, Improves cellular function, Aids in recovery process, Acts as a universal toxin-binder.

Vitamin B12

Choose B12 to supply your body a natural energy boost! Help restore the balance of the vitamin and improve mood and depression symptoms. 100% bioavailable.

Vitamin D

Help regulate the immune system and reduce the risk of infection. Vitamin D to support strong bones, as well as help to regulate calcium and phosphorus levels in the body.

Biotin vitamin booster shots offer several benefits, including promoting healthier hair growth and strengthening nails. These injections assist in the metabolism of fatty acids, carbohydrates, and proteins, contributing to overall energy production in the body. Additionally, biotin is essential for maintaining healthy skin and aiding in the breakdown of food for energy.